Here’s a language pattern that covertly introduces your desired outcome favorably to the reader or listener. It usually gets them to agree with what you want, whether it’s a belief you want them to take on, an action you want them to take, or an idea you want to plant in their minds.




  • “Have you found that studying NLP language patterns makes you more aware of other people’s communication?”
  • “Have you found using your computer daily seems to enhance your creativity?”
  • “Have you found yourself often considering the benefits of joining our club?

The great thing about this pattern is that even if they did say “no” or “not really,” their mind is still going to be thinking about it. Or, you can say, “Oh, not yet” if they answer no.

You can also use this language pattern to get someone to go in the opposite direction. In other words, to NOT do something you DON’T want them to do. For example, “Have you found that people who drink Duff Beer aren’t that intelligent?

Have you found yourself thinking about how you are going to use this pattern today?


How would you like a pattern that copywriters use very successfully (and very successful A-List Copywriters use it all the time? It’s an excellentQuestioning techniques in sales and advertising pattern in that it gets the prospects’ imaginations working, it can counter their objections, and get them more motivated to buy.

I have a client in New York City. He’s a sales trainer selling expensive training courses to sales reps, sales managers, and companies. He insists I use this pattern in all the copy I write for him. He and I both know it’s powerful stuff.

The basic pattern is this:

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