Writing short, very persuasive copy QUICKLY for a landing page is a quite a problem for many marketers.

Fortunately, however, these individuals and small business don’t have to suffer from brain-freeze and the blank white screen-of-death once they know how to knock out compelling copy, the kind of copy that turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers.

That’s what you’ll learn about in article.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to crystallize the essence of your offer that will practically have your visitors drooling with desire. And you’ll also find out how to do this quickly and painlessly.

So, without further introduction, let’s jump in with a discussion of what your landing page copy is supposed to do…

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In Copywriting and Sales 101, we learn that people buy on emotion (but convince themselves with reason and logic). The usually way to excite the emotions and get someone to buy is by making a big promise, piling on additional benefits and then backing it up with proof (like satisfied customer testimonials for example).

And this is great if you are writing long direct response copy or giving a lengthy sales presentation.

But what do you do when you have limited space for your ad, such as a classified ad or catalog copy?

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I’d like to show you a language pattern that can help you in several ways. If you’re selling something and your customer has an objection, you can use this pattern to get him or her off the objection and onto the benefits.

If you are debating someone and they are stuck on a point you’d rather not talk about, you can use this pattern.

If someone is complaining to you, and you’d like to change the subject, use this pattern.

As you can see, this pattern has a wide variety of uses, especially in conversation-style communication such as face-to-face, emails, chats and more.

Here’s the pattern:

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Mesmerize buyers…create buying trances in prospects…

Finally available: Listening to this recording you will discover how YOU can get people to buy from you using the latest neuro-marketing techniques (and a couple of oldies with new twists). Get the audio here.

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Generating Useful Parts in People

Here’s a technique you can use to alter someone’s personality. It’s called, “Embedding a Part.” It’s quite easy to use and very effective. If you have done any studying of NLP, you would have come across the concept of internal “parts.” These parts can affect your mood, beliefs and behavior. Parts can be good or [...]

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Creating Great Expectations in Your Prospects

If you think that just stringing a bunch of NLP language patterns together (A.K.A. “stacking”), you will be able to persuade somebody to your point of view or action quickly and easily,… You’d be quite wrong. In fact, what you need to do—and here is where NLP language patterns can help immensely—is to change a [...]

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Creating Hypnotic Persuasion Scripts

You can make your advertising, presentations, emails, conversations, and cold calling scripts more persuasive by stacking NLP language patterns together. What we’re doing is a thought process—leading your targets through various mental states that would lead to your outcome. Here are the steps needed to make your own hypnotic scripts. First, decide on your outcome; [...]

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Awareness Patterns: Putting Ideas Into People’s Heads

In this post, I’m going to show you how to use one of the most powerful language patterns in existence. Despite its potency, not too many advertisers (or NLP practitioners, for that matter) know about it. But others do… Have you ever noticed how controversial media outlets (newspapers, TV news,  left or right wing websites, [...]

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Alternative Assumption Technique

Here’s a great pattern to be used at the end of a longer sales presentation (whether in a sales letter, video, or in person). You can start to close the sale by using this pattern: “I guess I’ve (we’ve) covered just about everything. The only question that remains is how soon you’ll be enjoying (PROMISE/BIG [...]

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Get Prospects to Observe Your Point of View

I have an interesting and useful language pattern for you today. It’s an Ericksonian language pattern that can be used in a variety of ways: ♦ It can presuppose they are going to experience your solution soon… ♦ It can presuppose they will experience a negative state unless they do as you say… ♦  It [...]

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